Where, When and Why to buy Jennifer Wilde #1

29 Aug

Jennifer has officially been released into the Wilde* and here’s the Where, When and Why of it:

  • Where: We’ve added a ‘buy’ section to the site, top right, where you can either purchase directly online or peruse the list of comic stores which currently hold #1 in stock.
  • When: You can buy from these stores right now, and keep checking the site for an updated list of retailers.
  • Why: Here’s what early reviewers have to say

 “The book is an intriguing tale with some deft characterisation and gorgeous art from Stephen Downey, and the 1920s setting offers rich, largely untapped setting. This is a great first issue and a title fully deserving wider reading.”   – John Freeman, DownTheTubes.net

This is a well crafted comic from a strong team of writers and artist.  A novel idea forged by both Rob and Maura, with a script that connects and gives confidence so that you know you’re in good hands.  Combine this with the skill of Stephens effortless flowing line work and you get well paced panels amid polished full page spreads awash with tones of grey.” – Hilary Lawyer, IrishComicNews.com

To celebrate the launch, here’s a little behind the scenes look at the different stages Stephen works through to create a panel:

*Apologies for the bad pun.

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