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forthcoming conventions

5 May

In case you’re hoping to meet any of the Jennifer Wilde team here are the next events we’re attending:

Bristol International Comic & Small Press Expo 2011

Stephen Downey will be at the Bristol International Comic & Small Press Expo in the UK promoting his latest title Slaughterman’s Creed, which he co-created with Cy Dethen.  He’ll be participating in a panel called The Task of Blood: Creating Slaughterman’s Creed at 12pm on Sunday, 15 May at the Mercure Hotel.

It will be hosted by Scott Grandison of Comic Book Outsiders, and it will feature Cy, Vicky Stonebridge (colourist), Nic Wilkinson (letterer) and Stephen chatting about making the book.

Stephen will also be attending the 2-D Comic Book Festival in Derry in Northern Ireland, from 2-4 June.

SquareBoundBoth Robert and I will be attending SquareBound, the one-day comic book event taking place on Saturday, 18 June in the Irish Writers’ Centre in Dublin.

There will be an Atomic Diner panel at the event, which will feature writers and artists from the publisher’s range of titles, such as The League of Volunteers, Róisín Dubh and Jennifer Wilde.

We hope to meet some of you at one of these events!